Our Latest Projects

In sports they say 'You’re only as good as your last game'.
The idea behind this line is giving us our drive: to rise above everything we had done before.
We are proud to present you our most recent pieces of work.

'New Noise Fest 8 Trailer'

Shooting New Noise Fest last year was a joy! We kept some material to make two trailers for this year’s iteration of the festival. One version for the web and one tightened version to be shown in advance at the sensational local Schauburg Open Air Cinema.

Watch on vimeo
Watch the theatrical trailer on vimeo

'Sharptongue – Snakes'

Imagine you start a new band and the first song you wrote is already a banger. The talented and very hard working guys in SHARPTONGUE delivered a tremendous performance in front of our lenses for their debut music video.

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'bsclly. – Spring Collection 2013'

Promotional teaser for BSCLLY, an ascending clothing label. The catchy combination of documentary and cinematic shots gently transports the brand’s aesthetic presence and concludes in announcing the release of the new collection.

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'Promo Shooting'

We think it’s absolutely essential for a group or a band to have a portrait that presents them adequately. THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER started the year 2013 with a new promotional group shot of themselves. We made it a perfect match to the visuals of their upcoming releases.

'Studio Sessions Teaser'

To keep their fans updated, THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER invited us to visit them with our camera in the studio for some days. Watching the video is like a close but unnoticed glimpse on the band’s second album’s recording process.

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'New Noise Fest 7'

Documentary photography on NEW NOISE FEST, the greatest festival for heavy music in Karlsruhe. We took the name literally and made some rough and noisy pictures to portray the haze of heavyness poising in those tents.

'Talking Big'

First official music video for THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER’s TALKING BIG taken off their album debut 'HOPEWARD BOUND'. Scenes of the consumpting but also enriching life on tour and the intense and raw shows on stage – composed in the band’s unique language.

Watch on vimeo

'RCA Urban Arts'

Documentary shooting for friends. Portraying their urban practice was like writing down a piece of volatile history. The art, so colourful and true and honest – it just had to be black and white. A sense of subtle change in perceiving this culture.

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