Let's get personal. May I introduce myself? I am Matt, born in 1991, living in Karlsruhe, founder of RISEABOVE. At the moment I'm the only permanent member, what doesn't mean I'm the only one working for this greater thing we had to find a name for. We? Yes, friends and closer contacts are helping me out regularly.

Our philosophy.

When I started RISEABOVE it was nothing but an idea. The idea of working on what I love and creating awesome things with and for others. Now there's one project after another and we have grown a professional attitude although our team is still young and very small. But this is our strength – to be able to do great pieces of work on a low budget. Because we love what we do and we want to spread the message that everything is possible if you rise above.

What we do.

Being creative and working on pretty things is our joy and mission. Explicitly said, we do photography, videography, graphic design, webprogramming and social media. So if you have a wish or ideas we can help you with, do not hesitate to write us. Check out what we've done already. I'm sure we have someone in our rows who fits perfectly for your job. Or do you actually fit perfectly to us? Then Join our team!

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